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Experience optimal beekeeping efficiency with our Langstroth Hive, meticulously crafted for bee colony health and honey production. Our Langstroth Hives offer precision engineering, facilitating seamless management of bee colonies while maximizing honey yields. Designed to promote bee welfare and ease of use, our Langstroth Hives adhere to industry standards, ensuring an ideal environment for beekeeping success. Explore our Langstroth Hive collection today to elevate your beekeeping experience and cultivate thriving honeybee colonies with confidence.

The Langstroth Hive is a staple in modern beekeeping, revolutionizing the industry since its invention in the mid-19th century by Reverend Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth. This hive design features removable frames that hang vertically within a rectangular box. The frames allow bees to build comb freely and can be easily removed for inspection and honey extraction without damaging the hive.

Overall, BEEKEEPINGhive® Langstroth Hives have become the standard choice for beekeepers worldwide due to their practicality, efficiency, and compatibility with modern beekeeping practices.


Langstroth Hive offer exceptional scalability, allowing beekeepers to expand vertically by adding additional boxes. This feature enables colonies to grow according to their needs, providing ample space for the bees to thrive and increase honey production. With the ability to accommodate the natural expansion of the colony, ensure optimal conditions for bee development and productivity.

Ease of Management

Langstroth hive design incorporates removable frames, enabling beekeepers to conduct regular inspections, perform pest control measures, and harvest honey with minimal disruption to the colony. This streamlined approach to hive management enhances efficiency and reduces stress on the bees, promoting overall colony health and productivity.


Langstroth Hives offering a wide range of customization options to suit various beekeeping techniques and preferences. From the use of queen excluders to prevent the queen from laying eggs in honey supers, to employing foundation sheets for consistent comb building, provide beekeepers with the flexibility to tailor their hive setup according to specific requirements.


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Hive Body

This is the main box where the bees live and raise their brood.


Sheets of beeswax are often used as a base for bees to build their comb on within the frames.

Inner Cover

Placed on top of the uppermost super, it helps regulate temperature and ventilation within the hive.

Beehive Structure & Components

Beehive Structure and Components
Honey Super

Additional boxes added above the brood box where bees store surplus honey.


Wooden frames are placed inside the hive body to support the comb where bees build their honeycomb and rear brood.

Outer Cover

The topmost cover of the hive, protecting it from the elements.

What is beehive ?

The beehive is a marvel of natural engineering, a bustling sanctuary where thousands of worker bees tirelessly toil together in perfect harmony. Within its wooden walls, they construct intricate hexagonal cells from beeswax, meticulously crafting the honeycomb that serves as their home and food storage. Each hive is a vibrant community, governed by the queen bee and her devoted subjects, all united in their singular mission to sustain the colony and perpetuate life.

In the gentle hum of BEEKEEPINGhive ihabitants and the golden sweetness of its honey, we whispers timeless lessons of unity, perseverance, and the beauty of collective effort.

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Beekeeping Hive


There are several types of beehives used in beekeeping, each with its own advantages and characteristics. The choice of hive depends on factors such as beekeeping goals, climate, and personal preference.
TBH Model


Custom by BEEKEEPINGhive

Top-bar hives have a horizontal layout, with bars placed across the top where bees build their comb downward. They offer simplicity and mimic the natural structure of tree hollows, suitable for beekeepers preferring a hands-off approach.

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FBH Model


Custom by BEEKEEPINGhive

The Self-flow hive is an innovative beehive design that simplifies the process of harvesting honey. It features specially designed frames with hexagonal cells and a unique mechanism that allows beekeepers to extract honey directly from the hive without disturbing the bees.

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LBH Model


Custom by BEEKEEPINGhive

The Langstroth hive is a vertical design consisting of rectangular boxes stacked on top of each other. It allows for easy inspection and manipulation of frames, making it one of the most widely used hive types worldwide.

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